Apparel Industry Ltd. strictly maintains compliance regulations from Fire safety, electric safety and structure safety imposed by National Initiative. Our Apparel Industry Ltd. have successfully completed all National Initiativ initial issues.

We take great care of our workers and does not give preference to any religion cast, sect, regionalism, gender, political or any outside pressure etc. Apparel Industry Ltd. does not employ any worker on the basis of contract or apply force or made to work under compulsion. Also does not employ or encourages any child worker. Abides by the rules and regulation of B.G.M.E.A mandate, such as medical facilities with medical leave and provident fund etc. Necessary safety equipment’s are provided to the workers on specific jobs, along with monitoring of proper use of the equipment’s.
Strongly denounces any maltreatment, complexity or abuse with any worker or staff by any person. Production and accommodation facilities include full-time supply of safe drinking water, adequate lighting and ventilation facilities.

Human Rights
Our factory is audited by the nominated independent testing companies and all have been signed off by our current customers, covering aspects of:
– Safe Working Conditions
– No Child Labor
– Reasonable Working Hours
– No Discrimination
– Regular Employment
– No Harassment and Abuse

Environmental safety
Apparel Industry Ltd. is an extremely eco-conscious organization. We have a specialized unit to monitor environmental safety and to ensure all work is done without harming the environment.

Every year Apparel Industry Ltd. arranges a cultural program for its entire employee to keep them happy, motivated and cheer up in all state. Which make a friendly environment within and outside the factory. Aside from the inevitable yearly picnic, we observe many national important occasion in a festive mood.

Worker Facilities
Apparel Industry Ltd. Determined to keep our workers in safe working conditions. We believe to ensure a good working condition so that workers can give their best output to fulfill the company’s objective mission and goal.

MedicalĀ Center
Considering the provision of medical facility to our workers and staffs under the prevailing labor act we have set-up a complete dispensary supported by a medical officer and 2 trained nurses. Necessary first aid, along with the supply of medicines is provided from this dispensary. In the case of long-term treatments, the patient is shifted to a better hospital. Under the circumstances, the authority takes necessary measures provides full support.

Dining Hall
A dining hall is also situated on the Individual Shade. Necessary measures in maintaining a completely hygienic environment are looked after carefully. A total of around one hundred sitting arrangement is provided in the hall.

Childcare Room
We provide extremely care for the children of our workers by providing them with safe clean and hygienic childcare room with specialized childcare babysitters. Our childcare room is equipped with diapers, wipes and other necessities to keep babies clean and hygienic.

Cutting section: Equipped with CAD marker making, manual spreading, edge cutter machine, digital bundle numbering & cutting.
Computer Aided Designing (CAD): Computer-aided designing equipped with YinCad and gemini systems with digitizing board and full width Morgan Lectra pattern plotter.

– Sample Development
– Cutting
– Sewing
– Washing
– Finishing
– Packing
– Fusing